What is Outdoor Militia® ?
Outdoor Militia is a passion for the American outdoors and everything that goes with it.  It's a lifestyle many of us already live.  Whether you're a hunter or fisherman you know what it means to be an outdoorsman.  It's a gift that many will never receive, it's a shot of adrenaline that some hearts will never feel.  To be an outdoorsman is a gift from God.
Outdoor Militia puts a name to the feelings of good times, with good friends in the outdoors.  We reach far and wide.  Whether you're from South Florida or Northern Alaska, you know what it means to love the outdoors and because of that, you are part of the, Outdoor Militia. 
We founded Outdoor Militia because we wanted to tie our passion for the outdoors and a love for our country into a brand that we can share with all of the others out there just like us.  Like we say, whether it's killing deer, smoking pigs, busting birds or hooking fish, you can bet we are in.  
So join us as American outdoorsmen in living that outdoor lifestyle.
We truly appreciate you stopping by to check us out.  Whether it's hook wetting or trigger squeezing best of luck this season.
All the best - Outdoor Militia®